2018 American League Championship Tournament

Updated Tuesday June 5, 2018 by Craig Lake.

6/1 update

After the longest Murray Babe Ruth Championship game that we can ever remember, the Black Panthers finally sealed the win over The Sauce 20-19.  This was a 4 hour 40 minute, 9 hour affair that included multiple lead changes, tied extra innings and clutch pitching and hitting by both teams throughout.

Congratulations to the 2018 Murray Babe Ruth American League Champions: Black Panthers and a huge thanks for The Sauce's coaches, parents and players

5/31 update

After 2 hard fought contests Wednesday night the Black Panthers and The Sauce emerged victorious and will face each other tonight in the Championship game at 7pm.  Congratulations to Purple Nurple and White Chocolate for their great season and we express our gratitude for the coaches, families and players from those teams.

5/30 update

Congratulations to the Black Panthers and Purple Nurple for moving on to the semi finals against White Chocolate and The Sauce.   Thank you to the coaches, families and players from Tune Squad and Gray Gates for your great season this year.



Starting May 29th we'll have our 2018 American League Championship Tournament to crown our regular season championship team.  Each team's win/lose record will be used to seed the bracket (see below).  The criteria used to seed the teams will be according to official Babe Ruth Tournament rules (page 26 of the 2018 official rule book).

  1. Win/Loss record
  2. Results of Head to Head competition
  3. Fewest Runs Given Up

The games on Tuesday and Wednesday will follow the same rules that we've played all season:  7 runs max per half inning, mercy rule: 15 runs after 3 or 10 after 4, 13 year olds must pitch 3 outs or allow 7 runs, 1:45 no new innings, however we won't end in a tie, so we'll play extra innings until there is a winner.

The championship game on Thursday will start at 7pm and play for 7 complete innings.  Other rules: 13 year olds must pitch 3 outs or allow 7 runs.  NO 7 runs max per half inning,however the 10 runs after 4 innings mercy rule will still apply.


For this tournament we'll use the official Babe Ruth Tournament pitching rules (https://baberuthleague.org/latest-rule-changes/2017-rule-changes.aspx)

Age Daily Max (pitches/day) 0 days rest 1 day rest 2 days rest
13-15 95 1-45 46-75 76+

No pitcher can pitch 3 games/days in a row regardless of pitch count

The championship game will be held on Thursday May 31st at 7pm at Ken Price Field. Awards go to the 1st and 2nd place teams and the 1st place team gets their names inscribed in the Murray Babe Ruth Championship trophy.


We'll update this page and the attached bracket each night after the games are played, so visit the website each day to follow along.


Join us at Ken Price each night that week to find out who is going to be the 2018 Murray Babe Ruth American League champion.


Talk to your coach if you have any questions.




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